Before, During & After My Photo Shoot?





I want to book a session, how?

To book a session with me you'll need to contact me via Facebook, or through the contact message listed on my website. You'll typically receive a response from me right away. I'll be able to discuss pricing any questions you may have and we'll set up a time for you to come in, meet me and pay your session fee. The session fee is to be paid within the first 5 days of booking your session to hold your session date. 





I just paid my session fee! Now what? I want to book a session, how?

Congratulations on booking your session with me! Please refer to my "What To Wear" tab located on my website. From there I have explained clothing and general advice to prepare you for your shoot! If you've chosen a Collection that includes professional makeup, you should be expecting a call or text from my makeup artist Sandra! She will discuss makeup details with you. She will also set up a complimentary makeup trial so you can be sure you love your makeup the day of your photo shoot! 





Where will my photo shoot take place?

I have several areas around Great Falls that I like to photograph in. You can leave the location up to me, or I am open to any location suggestions you may have! I'm always finding new locations, so a few days before your session, I'll let you know where we should meet.





What should I expect during my shoot?

Yay! It's finally the day of your photo shoot! Once we get to your session location, we will go over any last minute ideas or changes that you may have. Then I will do a few test and lighting shots. Once that's over, let the photographing begin! Don't worry about posing, you may feel a little awkward at first but I'll guide you through everything!





So I just got done with my photo shoot, what now?

A few days after your shoot, you can expect to see a couple sneak peeks from your session. I generally will edit 1-2 images and post them on Facebook. I will also upload them in to a password protected online gallery located on my website, along with 20-40 unedited images from your session. From there you will be able to choose which final images you'd like me to edit. It generally takes me about 2-3 weeks to finish your final images.





Why can't I see ALL the images you took during my session?

After your session, I go through all the images taken during your shoot. I delete all of the blinks, blurry, repeats, bad expressions... etc... and narrow it down to 30-40 "best of the best" images. From past experience, I have found when showing clients every image taken during their session they can get overwhelmed and stressed trying to choose their final images. It can become near impossible for them. When choosing me as your photographer, you are trusting me with this task. You are trusting my eye and my artistic experience to deliver the best images for your gallery! 





How do I order prints? 

Once your images are ready, we will set up a consultation at my studio for you and your family to come and view your final images! This is the time I will show you examples of my print products and you can choose which print sizes you'd like to order. My clients usually invest a minimum of $300 in their prints. The payment for your prints is required at the end of your consultation. Once your payment has been made, I will place your print order and you can expect your order in 1-2 weeks! You can find all of my print pricing under the Investment tab on my website.





What if I want to order more prints later on down the road?

I will archive your final images for 6 months. After 6 months, I clear my hard drives to free up storage space. If you'd like to place an additional print order after your 1st, there is a $35 reprint fee.