Hi, I’m Clarissa.

I’m a Montana photographer who loves animals, traveling, chocolate milk and rainy days.

You can usually find me at Pier 1, or at home watching the latest reality tv show with my three cats and toy poodle. Yes, you read that correctly... three cats. Meow.

I was born and raised in Great Falls, Montana, which is where my photography business is currently located.

I started photography as a hobby in 2012, and eventually graduated from The Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2014 and have been full time ever since. 

I photograph families, boudoir and senior portraits, which is my passion. I strive to infuse confidence into my seniors and help them realize how absolutely beautiful they really are. It’s amazing what gorgeous images can do for a teenagers self esteem.

Every memory will fade, children will grow up, couples will grow old, your reflection will change but the photographs will always remain. My goal is to capture these precious moments and turn them into tangible art for your family to cherish forever.


Warmly, Clarissa